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MOST 2015


It took three starts to come to an end. Given the delay due to these consecutive starts, the distance was reduced to 7 rounds instead of 12.

Jose Sousa finished 16th with a respectable time of 2.09.

As for José TEODOSIO, he finished in 12th place with a great battle with Jose Rodrigues and Jean-Pierre Blaise.

Race 2:

Jose TEODOSIO was downgraded to the last position because of “over speed”.

José Sousa: 16th position.

Race 3:

Saw the horrible weather conditions, the departure took place under caution. After a few laps José Sousa was forced to retire for mechanical problems. José TEODOSIO finished in 13th place after a minor and inconsequential “fender bender”.

Race 4:

Overcast, wet track:

Fantastic last race with a battle at the top, on the front lines José Rodrigues (Team 14), who goes on a pole. José TEODOSIO finished 14th after a good fight with the other competitors (small motor problems). Jose Sousa, finished 18th, without unworthy, because he had much to part with the No. 24 (A. KURSIM) and No. 10 (B. MAJOR) MAN more powerful than him.

Jose TEODOSIO: 13th position in overall of drivers classification after the weekend MOST, CZ.

Meet you at Zolder (Belgium), 20 and 21 September.

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